Lucky Complete Scooter - EVO

Lucky Complete Scooter - EVO

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Introducing the 2018 EVO - The EVO-lution continues in 2018 after gathering feedback from top riders and industry experts, Lucky increased foot space by upping the deck width to 5”length to 21.75”, and tied it up with some new Lucky PROBARS.

Lightweight, yet durable 3D forged headtube and flat sides make it easier than ever to whip and kick your ride about. The EVO features an above average wheel diameter of 120mm so it's ready to rip at the big handrail you've had your eyes set on.

Going back to their roots of high quality, no-nonsense performance scooters, Lucky have brought their near-decade experience of scooter building in line with some of the most cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to bring the scooter world the best range of Lucky Scooters ever built.

Flip the scooter over and you’ll be trippin at how good the deck graphics look. Lucky not only wanted to make the scooter amazing but they wanted to have the best graphics in the industry and achieved that by working with local Northwest artist, Shogo Ota

WEIGHT 4.65kg
OVERALL HEIGHT* 900mm (35.43”)
BAR HEIGHT** 600mm (23.62”)
BAR WIDTH 625mm (24.60”)
DECK LENGTH^ 545mm (21.45”)
DECK WIDTH 125mm (4.92”)
FOOT SPACE^^ 325mm (12.79”)