AOS V4 LTD Deck Oil Slick - STD
AOS V4 LTD Deck Oil Slick - STD

AOS V4 LTD Deck Oil Slick - STD

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120mm/4.7" Wide 495mm/19.5" Long 
Nylon Brake, Front Plate and Boxed ends Included.

The AOSV4S (Ace Of Spades) V4 Deck has a 3D forged-high quality Aluminium head tube moulded under high pressure to give the Aluminium even greater strength. 
With an 82.5 degree head tube allowing a better angle for 120mm wheel setups and new thickened integrated cups to reduce Ovalization. The rails of the deck have also been widened to suit multiple styles of riding and a 
This deck is built tough and beautiful with its signature ENVY Bottom Decal. 
The rear of the deck features a 5mm Nylon Brake with a full-length heat-treated spring steel core for smooth stopping with added grip and dampening the overall sound of the brake.
The 2018 Spacer System, Front Plate and Box Ends round out a beautifully crafted deck for riders of all styles.