Affinity Classic XL Bar - Titanium
Affinity Classic XL Bar - Titanium

Affinity Classic XL Bar - Titanium

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The legends from Ride Affinity have released the first ever non gusseted, titanium T Bar and it really is a thing of beauty!

Titanium is a type of metal that is often sought after because it is extremely lightweight, while still retaining strength. It's said that Titanium is as light as aluminum but as strong as chromoly. While this statement is close, that's not the case. Titanium is strong so it is able to use thinner wall tubing, so for the same strength, you can use less material.

Ride Affinity have decided to pursue Titanium and utilize it for their Classic T bars. The strength is an attribute they couldn't waiver on so they tested different alloys and talked with many in and out of industry professionals to select the Grade 9 Titanium used for these bars. Affinity is committed to strength, this is also why they opted to have .083" thick crossbar made special for this application.

Ride Affinity have done plenty of research and brought out a high end Titanium T Bar that's destined to perform amazing.

WEIGHT 900g (1.98lbs)
BAR HEIGHT 725mm (28.54”)
BAR WIDTH 615mm (24.21”)
REQUIRED CLAMP SIZE Standard 31.8mm (1.25”)